Meet Career Center Mom

My name is Sonja Anderson.  My husband and I have three kids and an empty nest.  Before children, I was a critical care nurse.  Three kids later, we joined the Air Force and spent 12 years seeing the country, one base at a time.  I home schooled, and then joyfully sent my children off to high school once we returned to civilian life.

My oldest graduated high school without a clear direction, and I realized I had forgotten most of what was needed to help her figure out careers, colleges, financial aid and the whole maze of scholarships, loans, and meeting so many deadlines.  So, I started volunteering in my high school Career Center.  That was seven years ago, and I have learned a lot…and want to share with others who are feeling overwhelmed and confused by all of the craziness that is career preparation…because playing video games in the basement isn’t a plan.

I cannot promise to know all of the answers, but can promise I (unlike most college preparation sites) am not getting paid to advise you in any particular direction. I am NOT an expert on financial aid, scholarships or college applications….but I do know the basics and where folks most often get tripped up.   I have a passion for kids finding the education they need to start a career in a field they enjoy, where they can easily pay their bills.  I will do my best to answer basic questions and give you a clear idea of what to do when through the high school years.